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There are a number growing community based initiatives focused on understanding the new forces in play as urbanized areas like San Francisco and New York City work to address issues associated with the minimum standard for creating livable and affordable urban dwellings. Similarly, as Sunbelt cities like Atlanta continue to experience a move away from satellite single family bedroom communities towards center city, mid and high-rise housing blocks, sustained focus on what constitutes a viable public and affordable private realm is needed.

This project aims to fully design, engineer and student-build a 4-10 unit Net Zero Energy House Prototype that will become a living laboratory for ultra low energy efficiency testing, material study, and a demonstration model for market rate, status quo urban housing. The ultimate goal is to create actionable solutions for humane, smartly designed, ultra low energy and cost-effective urban housing as a means to educating the public and profession via research and knowledge sharing in the area of energy and design, material and spatial innovation, and community-based participatory design.