Micro-Interior Design Competition: And the Winner Is…

Micro-Interior Design Competition: And the Winner Is…

Efficient and flexible micro-living, a new phenomenon in the United States, is a concept that university students — known to spend their days in cramped dorm rooms — are quickly embracing. So when Resource Furniture, a modern, space saving furniture distributor, challenged the young designers at Georgia Tech’s Zed-H Studio to a design competition – the ultimate micro-unit – they immediately got to work.

The competition brought 12 diverse proposals ranging from live/work studios for young urbanites, to multi-family/ generational flex housing to units designed for the sight impaired.  Each student demonstrated how flexible living can improve the way people live and work.
One project in particular stood out, not only among the judges, but also the public, who were given the opportunity to vote on-line. Madona Cumar, a senior graduate student designed a space with her mother in mind, one of the many baby boomers that no longer accepts status quo retirement. Instead, Cumar proposes a new style of senior-living that provides flexibility for a largely populated, aging generation where, quite often, the children move back home, sometimes with families of their own. Her design doesn’t necessarily downsize on comfort, but rather on carbon-footprint, and at the same time increasing the efficiency and adaptability of the constantly changing needs of the home.

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Thanks to support from Resource Furniture, Madona Cumar was able to attend and present her work at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, June 2014.

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