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This project is focused on sustainable building systems, indoor environmental conditions and human interaction with controls in order to develop better design guidelines and operational strategies. The project team will investigate the impact of innovative façade technologies, lighting and thermal systems and controls on energy use, indoor environmental conditions and human comfort using modeling and full-scale experiments in private and open plan office spaces with re-configurable systems.

Using a set of real working environments (aka “Living Labs”) to examine the relationships between variable indoor environmental conditions, human comfort and energy performance, including several options for occupant interaction with their environment, the project team will develop a set of reliable indications for mapping human comfort and performance to real indoor environmental conditions. These will lead to better integration of human factors in building design and operation.

Throughout the process, the team will promote and disseminate the research outcomes through educational and outreach activities, such as conferences, seminars, integration in curriculum, use of the online knowledge-sharing platform and engagement with K-12 schools.