Purdue University: The Bi-Annual Triple Conference

Purdue University: The Bi-Annual Triple Conference

On July 14-17 Purdue University held their bi-annual triple conference — their biggest outreach and educational event — on their campus in West Lafayette, Indiana. The event is known worldwide for high quality research presentations, and collaboration between researchers, students, professionals and industry partners related to sustainable buildings, air-conditioning systems and mechanical equipment efficiency.

It was their most successful conference yet, with an all-time record of 746 registered participants from 35 countries. 67 presentations were made as part of the High Performance Buildings conference, with two sessions of 12 papers and presentations dedicated to façades and human comfort.

The conference reception was held in the recently built Herrick Living Labs, which now serves as the headquarters for the new Center for High Performance Buildings. All conference participants had a chance to tour the entire building including the unique Living Labs – where students and professors study occupant preferences and interactions with building systems, and the Perception-Based Engineering Labs – where studies show how indoor environmental conditions affect human perception and performance at the fundamental level.

With the new labs ready to be shown off, the Purdue Pillars of Sustainable Education team took the lead on the informational tours, and guided more than 450 people around the Living Labs and other parts of the building. Participants included undergraduate, graduate and K-12 students, professionals and academics.

In addition to the reception and educational tours, the conference included a series of social events, enabling conference participants to engage with one another.

To recognize student achievements, the conference also included a rigorous student paper competition that brought in over 100 participants. An external review panel graded the papers and presentations.  In total, 9 awards were given and the ceremony took place before the conference BBQ. Jason Konstantzos, a graduate student funded by Purdue’s Pillars of Sustainable Education grant, received one of the best paper awards for his work on visual comfort studies and integration of human preferences in building design.

Photos from the reception, tours, and social events are shown below. You can find more details about the conference here.

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