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Carnegie Mellon University, School of Architecture

Stone Soup + Affordable (Refab?) Rehab

For the renovation of 5017 2nd Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood neighborhood, ACTION-Housing, Inc, and Carnegie Mellon University are teaming to explore epic change in affordable sustainable housing and how we might achieve it. Since 2009, ACTION has worked to alter the feel and performance of affordable housing by pursuing Passive House and Net Zero strategies for new construction and renovation. Carnegie Mellon envisions a similar dramatic shift in our way of renovating buildings: the potential for “mass customization” through technologies such as 3D scanning and digital fabrication. This project will explore materials and methods of affordable sustainable renovation and the potential of emerging technologies to support it, creating new jobs and better results. Because communities are ultimately about people, this project also addresses the power of existing community residents to shape their own redevelopment.

Infrared Images of Recent ACTION Housing Renovations: