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“APIS”, the scientific name for the bee is a tribute to and a call for collaboration. Starting in 2010, university professors, students and Eldorado community leaders and residents have been working together to address post-flood related issues. For this project, the university will design and build temporary and portable ablution blocks for public use in post-disaster situations. The materials chosen will be unique to the problem and needs of the community: they should be readily and locally available, light-weight, affordable, durable, water/ mold resistant and contribute to the economic resilience of the area.

Community members have asked for more training and income generating opportunities following the massive losses of recent major storm events. In response, the project team will explore and develop vegetable — banana or palm leaves — based building components that are readily available in the region, thus encouraging the development of new products and enterprises. This project aims to train local community members in the production and use of such products.